Hello Monday!

I am so excited that I made it through the first week!

Having made so much food last weekend, I wasn’t sure if I would be throwing away half of it at the end of the week. It usually goes like this: I cook and pack up ready meals for the fridge. Then, we eat out! DUH! Why??? Well, this week, that didn’t happen! We ate all the food! Not one tupperware container left! I’m so proud!

So I prepped this Saturday (well, most of the prep) due to having a class on Sunday. This week’s menu includes Sloppy Joe’s, Chicken Fried “Rice” and Chicken/Egg Salad. YUMMO! And, Holy Cow, this Pesto!!! I’ll have it with Spaghetti Squash (my new favorite friend).  Crazy good! I hyperlinked the recipes I used but I don’t have any relationship with these sites. I googled, just like everyone does these days!

So, here’s to my first week of success! I raise a glass of LaCroix to you my friends! Enjoy!



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